New Phase Fitness Coaching is a service that facilitates clients who have goals related to improving health, athletic performance and physique. Our approach to attaining these goals entails developing fitness in all areas, encouraging positive mindset and practicing goal based nutrition.

New Phase Fitness Coaching is a pioneer in the current outdoor fitness craze. We have run our boot camp and other high intensity interval training courses for 17 years.

We also have an abundance of training tools and equipment housed indoors to address the needs of any athletic endeavor and level, whether you are an 80 year old retired teacher or an elite athlete in your 20s, we have the tools and expertise to get you in the best shape of your life.

New Phase Fitness Coaching is run by head coach, Martino Redwood, who holds certifications in Crossfit, and in Jeet Kune Do, the martial art training method developed by Bruce Lee. He is also certified in the POSE method as a running technique specialist and as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise.  

New Phase Fitness Coaching provides high quality, personal, hands on coaching and mentoring to help our clients achieve their fitness goals, optimal health and gain confidence in themselves. The goal of NPFC is to provide clients with the best coaching available in a motivating and enjoyable atmosphere where dedication, desire and determination are rewarded handsomely with elite fitness. NPFC furthers these efforts with regular in-house seminars and courses which explores topics related to overall health, fitness, diet, and optimal human performance!

At NPFC, we want individuals who are open minded, considerate, attentive, dedicated, disciplined, and fully committed to achieving their goals.

We currently only accept individuals who are recommended by affiliated businesses, sporting organizations or members of the New Phase family.

We are currently located at the Mona Dam property on Mona Road beside Grennels Driving School.

Contact to schedule an appointment if interested in training.


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