"Cardio and Corefocuses on how to train the core properly by teaching engagement of the core muscles to make every aspect of what you do better , while preventing injury.  The Course also addresses building cardiovascular endurance and speed while preventing injury by improving running technique with the principles of the Pose Method®, flexibility training will also be included.


If youre looking to improve your physique, and develop your fitness in the most comprehensive way. NEW PHASE BOOT CAMP is a 12-week high-intensity core strength and conditioning program that delivers GUARANTEED RESULTS in the shortest time possible. Expect long distance running, Jumping rope, athletic drills, Stair And Hill Climbing, body weight exercises, plyometrics, kettlebells, sandbags, dumbbell exercises and other functional movements

The course includes the following:

Obstacle Courses

Long Distance Running

Rope Jumping

Stair And Hill Climbing

Military Fitness Drills

Plyometrics (Speed/Strength Training Drills)

Weight Training


Lifting for Strength (September – November)

Incorporating Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls and Calisthenics. Lifting for Strength focuses on improving your overall fitness level and physique by pushing the limits of your strength, in addition to taxing your cardiovascular and muscular endurance . All of this is done  in an environment that monitors your form and exertion to ensure your safety.  The integration of high intensity metabolic conditioning with concentrated strength training is one of the most efficient ways to gain amazing results.

All courses are 60 minutes and begin promptly at 5:00 am.


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